Why Tops Digital Solutions?

1. Tops is a total solution provider and system integrator.

• We don't just sell an off the shelf unit and expect you to hook it all up.
• We survey your location, and customize a system to meet your needs.
• Tops will recommend cameras and mounting solutions as well.
• Tops equipment will integrate with most existing analog front end equipment and cameras already in place at your customer's locations. Should the customer want to keep their front end matrix and use the joystick controllers, no problem.
• All Tops equipment is scalable. To accommodate large installations and conversions that are on a budget, Tops can install equipment according to their budget. You do not have to purchase all the equipment at once.

2. Tops is the manufacturer of their modules, DVRs and large capacity, RAID 5 disk arrays.

•  All Tops equipment is built in their facility in Ontario California. They are burned in before being shipped to customers' locations. Quality control is maintained locally.
•  Tech support is immediate and direct from manufacturer, so no need to have to contact your rep or distributor to get answers.
•  All Tops DVRs and disk arrays utilize a special series hard disk drive that is manufactured by Western Digital for 24/7 operations. Not a consumer grade drive!

3. Tops DVRs were designed for the gaming industry's security and surveillance rooms.

a. Tops did not take a consumer grade DVR and try to modify it for use in the gaming industry, but rather, they worked with actual surveillance and security directors and operators of casinos, spent numerous hours inside the rooms observing and then they took the operators inputs and recommendations and designed world class enterprise systems that met the actual requirements and needs of the people that had to use it daily.

b. Tops graphic user interface (GUI) is one of the easiest to use and makes maneuvering and performing security and surveillance work a breeze for all operators. Tops kept it simple and did not clutter up the screen with bells and whistles that operators never used. Literally, in about a ½ hour, an operator can be trained to use the Tops system.

c. As the gaming industry has very strict requirements and guidelines to meet for clarity and real time recording, Tops equipment had to stand up to the harshest critiquing and evaluations before it could be accepted for installation inside a casino, thus, our quality for sharpness and detail is second to none!

d. All Tops DVRs have remote access capability, search by time and date feature, single channel review, mouse control feature (no joystick required), real time


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